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Aberdeen Laser Therapy - Relaxation

Endorphins are released as a result of laser therapy, enhancing relaxation, lowering your anxiety and helping to improve your sleep pattern.

The 'relaxation' programme will help support a change in lifestyle, enhance positive thinking, thus allowing you to feel more in control and aiding your self-confidence.

The session takes place on a one-to-one basis, helping you to feel more secure and the number of sessions required depends upon the individual.

Aberdeen Laser Therapy  - Stress Management

Aberdeen Laser Therapy's 'Stress Management' Programme helps to lower stress levels thus helping you to adopt a more relaxed lifestyle.

The programme will help you to......

  • Identify
  • Isolate - and ultimately
  • Deal with....

.....the primary cases of stress apparent in your daily lifestyle.

Aberdeen Laser Therapy - Losing Weight

Are you looking for a method to help lose weight?

We have devised a programme that results in a safe, painless and easy way to help you lose weight.

The first step in the programme is your own desire to lose weight, then we can help you set a realistic weight loss target.

Using tested behavioural methods, we provide psychological and nutritional support to further aid your success.

The Laser Therapy 'Weight Control' Programme will help you:

  • Change to a healthier diet
  • Control your desire for many tempting foods
  • Get motivated
  • Help you relax

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